How Many Oreos Are In A Pack (and One Thing You Should Be Aware Of)

Oreos are a timeless classic cookie that’s ever invented. Oreos have several different pack sizes. Throughout history,  the number of cookies in a package has changed constantly as a reaction to inflation and consumer demand.                                                                          

How many Oreos are in a pack? Depending on the type of Oreo and the size of the package you buy, you can get as few as six Oreos in a pack to as many as 48. Here is a basic list:

  • Singles: 36 (Standard Size), 48 (Family Size)
  • Double Stuf Oreos: 30 (Family Size), 45 (Party Size)
  • Thin Oreos: 40 (Standard version), 140 (Boxed Version)
  • Single-Serve: 6 (Standard Size), 72 (Boxed Version)
  • Fudge-Covered Oreos: 12 (Standard Size)

If you’ve ever wondered which pack gives you the most Oreos, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to be looking at Oreos in some of their main forms, how many you actually get in each pack, and why the number of cookies keeps on changing. Read to the end to find out a surprising fact about Double Stuf Oreos.


Different Types of Oreos  

1.  Singles Package

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Singles are the standard Oreo pack that only has the labeling “Oreo Cookies”. There is no “Family Size” or “Party Size” on the packaging. They’re the original recipe without any embellishments. It remains the gold standard for providing the ideal balance of flavors.

If you want the true duality of the Oreo experience, this is the sweet spot — but not too sweet. The classic single is still one cohesive cookie that provides that cloud of cookie flavor binding together with the creme to create one of the most-loved flavored in the shared American palate.

  • When opening a standard package of single Oreos, you should find 12 cookies in a single row. There are 3 rows in the entire pack. So you should find 36 cookies in it. 
  • The Family Size is slightly larger than the standard size, you’ll find 16 cookies in each row for a total of 48 cookies. 



2. Double Stuf Oreos

The standard Oreos are delicious but with the thicker cream in the middle, the double-stuffed Oreos look more attractive. Because the company tries to keep all the packaging the same for cost purposes and double-stuffed Oreos have larger sizes, there are fewer Double-Stuffed Oreos in a pack. 

Double Stuf Oreos are similar to the classic in terms of flavor balance. However, it’s a little brighter and sweeter. Double Stuffing can really let the flavor inside the cookie shine with the cookie as a supporting player.

  • For a Family Pack, you can find 10 delicious Double Stuf cookies in a row, which comes out to a total of 30 cookies in a package, weighing in at 13.55 oz. 
  • The Party Size has a few more. You’ll find 15 Double Stuf Oreos per row in a Party Size for a total of 45 cookies. 



3. Thin Oreos

It’s another story for Thin Oreos, which features cookies and cream that are roughly half the thickness compared to a standard Oreo. Since Thin Oreos are thinner, the company can fit more inside of a package. Thin Oreos appeal to health-conscious Oreo fans who want to enjoy Oreos without adding too many calories to their diet. Because each cookie is thinner, you’ll have more in a pack.  ​​

There’s less snap and more crumble as it’s all one cohesive bite with the creme staying in place the whole time. This Oreo makes chocolate cookies over everything else. 

  • A standard Thin Oreos pack has 40 cookies in it. 
  • The boxed version gives you 35 packs of 4, which comes out to 140 cookies. 


4. Single-Serve Oreos


Single-serve Oreos are great if you want to buy Oreos in snack size. They’re the standard type of Oreo instead of Thin or Double Stuf. Because the serving size for any Oreo is set at three cookies, it’s best to eat only half of the pack if you want to watch your diet.

  • The Single-serve pack only has six cookies in each bag. 
  • You can buy the boxed version, which comes in 12 packs so you’ll get 72 cookies in total.


5. Fudge-Covered Oreos


Fudge-covered Oreos are a great treat for chocolate lovers. It features an all-chocolate Oreo that also has chocolate covering over it. This type of Oreo has the same type of pack size as the Double Stuf Oreo. There are 12 cookies inside each grab-bag style packaging, which makes it easy to grab them on the go.


Does The Number Of Oreo Cookies Change?

Oreos have been around since 1912. Over the decades, they’ve changed their packaging and the number of cookies in each pack. They were used to be sold in bulk by the pound when they were first released. Back then, 40  Oreos could make up a pound. Their pack sizes fluctuate quite a bit every few years to adapt to inflation and economic situations. 

Beginning in the 1970s, Oreos also started to change the size or number of Oreos in a package while maintaining the price to fight inflation. You may have noticed how candy bars are shrinking and cost way more than they used to, especially after the drastic changes to life and economies due to COVID 19. Businesses have to adapt and survive during these troubled times. The cookie and candy business is no exception.

As the price of materials and supply chain costs go up, businesses have to adapt their plan to maintain the same profit. They can either reduce the size of packaging or product to stretch materials further, increase the prices of their products, or do nothing and lose out.

Many food companies opt for shrinking their products down slightly over time, rather than raising their prices, especially during the initial period of change, as most customers won’t want to buy the product at a higher price when the product is the same size.

But over time, customers build brand loyalty and want the product badly enough, they’ll be more willing to pay for the extra costs. This is especially true for a product like Oreos which tends to beat out its competitors. So prices will go up eventually.

Oreo has been doing the same experiment to deal with inflation, either shrinking portion size or increasing price constantly since at least the 70s. The number in a pack keeps on changing – one year there’ll be less in a pack, and the next year the number of cookies goes up with an increased price.

The company analyzes the sales statistics and consumer reports to come up with a way to grow its business and customer base in the world of uncertainty. Things are always changing, for better or worse. Cookies are no exception. So go snacking as you’ll be most likely get fewer cookies in the near future. 


Are Double Stuf Oreos Really Double Stuffed?

We all want to get our bang for the buck, but have you ever wondered if Double Stuf Oreos are really double stuffed? There’s some serious math and data involved. Let’s see the analysis result from a high school math class. 

According to the Huffington Post, a math teacher Dan Anderson conducted an experiment to determine if Double Stuf Oreos are what they claim to be. After weighing several regular Oreos, Double Stuf, and Mega Stuf Oreos, and doing some basic mathematical calculations, Anderson discovered that Double Stuf Oreos do not have exactly twice as much filling as their regular Oreo counterparts.

In fact, the real amount is approximately 1.86 times the regular stuffing. 

However, if you consider the cookie-eating experience, Double Stuf cookies are a better option.

First, they contain fewer calories per serving. With 140 calories per serving, the Double Stuf Oreo also holds fewer grams of carbohydrates, while the original Oreo holds 160 calories per serving. Secondly, dunking a Double Stuf Oreo into a cold glass of milk is more fun. The thick amount of cream filling makes for more absorption of the milk, creating a creamier inside.

And to our surprise, both the single stuffed and double stuffed Oreos sell for the same price. Spend the same amount for a healthier Oreo-eating experience.

Final Thoughts:

Oreo cookies are versatile snacks and desserts loved by generations. Delicious dunked in milk, tea, or coffee, as a flavoring for ice cream, shakes, or cakes, or enjoyed as it is.  There are very few things an Oreo won’t enhance. No matter how many cookies you can get in the package, the shared memories and happiness are priceless. Keep snacking!

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